Christian Worship Praise Songs with Lyrics 2012 / Julie Bernstein – Out of the Deep (Psalm 130)

Christian Worship Praise Songs with Lyrics 2012 / Julie Bernstein – Out of the Deep (Psalm 130)

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Excerpt from Julie’s website:

Julie Bernstein’s story of music began in Illinois at a very early age. Her family’s house in the country sat on the corner of a crossroads, with the little country church she attended through childhood at one end. The crossroads between church and the opposite path would be a theme she’d revisit in her life many times.

As a child, she spent long afternoons laying in the fields watching the clouds and the sky, listening to nature’s orchestra of wind as it rustled through the trees. This love of sound led her to a musical kindergarten at age 6, and she studied with her first piano teacher all the way through high school.

It was clear that music was Julie’s path, as she learned so quickly she played through entire books instead of just the assignments for her piano lessons. This led to playing clarinet, oboe, flute, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, violin, bass clarinet… anything she could get her hands on. She would give “bedroom concerts” where all her instruments were laid out on her bed, and she would grab each one at the appropriate time while performing along with Mozart’s Requiem, all by ear. Just like the wind she loved to listen to, the music lifted her spirit and brought tears to her eyes because of the wonderful sounds she could create.

All this intense musical focus gave Julie a particular talent in sight reading, and her talents were recognized by teachers in 5th grade when she was called to substitute on piano at a choir rehearsal. This led to singing in choir, playing piano on every project thrown at her, and living in music 24 hours a day.

Julie auditioned and won a scholarship to college, where she studied music and was living her dream of a musical life. She found the perfect relationship, earned perfect grades, and was truly enjoying the creative atmosphere she had built around herself. But this “perfect life” everyone saw on the outside was quickly turning into something quite different.

Julie’s relationship had turned abusive, to the point that she tried to break it off but was forced to stay. She endured cycle after cycle of abuse followed by reassurance that it would never happen again. When she finally gathered up the strength to end the relationship for good, she ended up in the ER.

The emergency room was the beginning of Julie’s shutdown. After a prolonged absence, she returned to school and was determined to lose herself in music again. But depression set in, and she found herself slowly sinking instead of returning to the “perfect life” she had set out for herself. Desperate for help, she talked with her music professor, who took her for prayer with a pastor she had never met. This is where her heart and mind were opened to the reality of Jesus, and her heart became gripped with the desire to know Him. Something changed drastically on the inside of Julie during that meeting. Days later she attended a small church gathering with her professor and his wife. Her mind fought worship, but through their prayers in the moment, Julie finally let go. The Holy Spirit flooded her soul, and she was absolutely consumed… it was eternity breaking in, and she would never be the same.

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