The History of the Church of Christ: Century III – Joseph Milner (1744 – 1797)

The History of the Church of Christ: Century III – Joseph Milner (1744 – 1797)

It is certain, that from our Saviour’s time to the present, there have ever been persons whose dispositions and lives have been formed by the rules of the New Testament; men who have been real, not merely nominal Christians, who believed the doctrines of the gospel, loved them because of their divine excellency, and suffered gladly the loss of all things, that they might win Christ, and be found in him. It is the history of these men which I propose to write. It is of no consequence with respect to my plan, nor of much importance I believe in its own nature, to what external church they belonged. I intend not to enter with any nicety into an account of their rites and ceremonies, or forms of church government, much less into their secular history. Even religious controversies shall be omitted, except those which seem to bear a relation to the essence of Christ’s religion, and of which the history of his real church seems to require some account. Let not the reader expect, that the actions of great men (great in a secular view I mean) will be exhibited to his notice. Nothing but what belongs to Christ’s kingdom shall be admitted, and genuine piety is that alone which I intend to celebrate.

00:00 Irenaeus
13:35 Tertullian
30:59 Pantaenus
35:28 Clemens Alexandrinusesert
44:19 The Affairs of the Church during the Reigns of Severus and Caracalla
56:48 Christian Affairs during the Reigns of Macrinus, Heliogabalus, Alexander, Maximinus, Pupienus, Gordian, and Philip

01:11:06 The Conversion of Cypriant
01:28:04 The Beginnings of the Persecution of Decius, and Cyprian’s Government till his Retirement

01:36:13 The History of Cyprian and the Western Church during his Retirement of two Years
01:56:25 Cyprian’s Settlement of his Church after his Return and the History of the Western Church till the Persecution under Gallus

02:39:19 The Effects of the Persecution of Decius in the Eastern Church
03:38:33 The History of the Church during the Reign of Gallus
04:05:38 The Pacific Part of Valerian’s Reign

04:36:44 The Last Acts and Martyrdom of Cyprian
04:53:38 Cyprian compared with Origen
05:17:29 Other Particulars of Valerian’s Persecution
05:35:41 From the Reign of Gallienus to the End of the Century
06:10:20 Some Account of Gregory Thaumaturgus, Theognostus, and Dionysius of Rome

06:23:33 The Farther Extension of the Gospel in this Century
06:26:01 A Short View of the External State of the Church
06:48:24 Testimonies to the Church of Christ from its Enemies
07:17:33 Connexion between the Doctrine and Practice of Primitive Christians

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